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Special Education Student Management System

The e-IEP PRO Special Education Student Management System, developed by MediaNet Solutions, Inc., is a customizable, web-based software that simplifies the management of the special education process. Tailored to the state's unique requirements, the e-IEP PRO is a full-featured special education management system that tightly integrates all federal and state required documents into one comprehensive system. Join the many other school districts and schools in utilizing this cost effective solution to streamline the special education process, resulting in less paperwork and increased staff efficiencies.

To meet your school and/or district's exact needs, the comprehensive e-IEP PRO software is available with the following fully integrated, compliant, state-based modules:

Student Profiles

Contains all required student demographic, parent and medical information. Data from this module can be loaded and synchronized with data from your district/school's Student Information System (SIS).

Conference Summary

Allows documenting all required types of conferences.


Provides for the tracking of initial referral information.

Meeting Notice

Allows storing previous notices and creating new meeting notices.

Prior Written Notice

Allows storing previous notices and creating new prior written notices.

Evaluation/MET Report

Provides comprehensive state-based compliant evaluation report writer that stores and reports all pre, current, and post evaluation information. This module strongly supports a multi-team development approach.

IEP Designer

Provides a comprehensive state-based compliant IEP report writer that stores and reports all required forms and sections of the IEP. Includes an integrated IEP progress reporting feature w/ electronic signature capabilities.

Section 504 Forms

Provides a comprehensive set of data-driven, fully integrated forms designed to meet the Section 504 student's individual educational needs.

Medicaid Session Tracking

Automates major components of the Medicaid daily services/session tracking and claims process.

Compliance Reporting

Provides a number of state-based and other compliance-based reports (e.g., IEP due, student rosters, end-of-year reports, etc.).

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Provides for a powerful, user-friendly, intuitive ad-hoc reporting writing capability.

Data Passport / Data Integration

Integrates data from all types of data sources including most Student Information Systems and Ed-Fi enabled applications.



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