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MediaNet Solutions, Inc. strives to provide the best pricing possible and believes that its prices are significantly lower than other competitive products. We are able to achieve these lower costs through deliberate cost savings measures while still providing high-quality products and services as evident by our 98% retention rate of all e-IEP PRO districts sold over our 25 year corporate history. We value the administrators, teachers, providers, and the children and recognize that every dollar not spent on administering the special education process will go towards these individuals resulting in better services and greater success for the children with special needs.

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Your team has been supportive and expert, especially patient, as I learned the basics of e-IEP PRO. Your technical assistance, training, professional development for individuals and whole teams has been a source of strength for our programming in support of ESS Scholars.

Paul Fulginiti
Kayenta Unified School District
Exceptional Student Services Director

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